Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The World of the Kabbalah

As with all good art the images here are to be meditated upon and enjoyed!

Ref  http://www.tarotofthepomegranate.com/Kabbalah&Tarot.html
Round Kabbalistic diagram.

Tree of Life with human archetypal symbols.The Tree of life "occulted" in the Thoth Tarot deck.
Kundalini snake symbol throughout the Tree of Life.Powerful Geometric pattern of the Tree of Life.
Hebrew interpretation, including the 22 Major Arcana.Ancient Hebrew Kabbalistic woodcut.

The Tree of Life as a great Sun Flower with small diagrams of
a Pomegranate tree on left and right.
The Yin/Yang ~ Dark/Light ~ Sun/Moon polarities of
The Tree of Life.
Leonardo Da Vinci's diagram of "Man".

A Kabbalistic interpretation of "Man".
"Man" diagram with the power points of the Tree of Life
on the body. Notice the structural similiarities to the body of man with the Kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life on the right.
A Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram showing the 22 Major Arcana (Rider-Waite deck is used here) on the branches between the different levels or "points" on the tree.

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